Objective Resolution 1949

Objective resolution was passed by the constituent assembly on 12 March 1949. It provided guidelines and principles which became the preamble of the constitution of Pakistan.

Objective Resolution

What is Objective Resolution?

Objective Resolution refers to the aims and objectives for constituting the first constitution of Pakistan. It consists of guided principles which lead to constitute the very first constitution. After Pakistan became an independent state, there was no constitution to govern the state. The constituent assembly passed the it on 12th of March 1949. Liaquat Ali Khan who was the first prime minister of Pakistan was also the Chairman of Objective Resolutions.

Importance of Objective Resolution

Objective resolution is a significant document in the constitutional history of Pakistan. Because Pakistan came into existence in the name of Islam it was primarily focusing on the principles of Islam and on the foundation of an Islamic state.

Salient Features of Objective Resolution 1949

The salient features of Objective Resolution 1949 include:

  • Sovereignty of ALLAH
  • Sovereign Independent State
  • Democracy
  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Social Justice
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Interests of Minorities
  • Foreign Policy
  • Independence of Judiciary
  • Defence of Sea, Land, Air

a. Sovereignty of ALLAH

The first and focal feature of objective resolution is the sovereignty of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Because Pakistan is an Islamic state and in Islam sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to ALLAH ALMIGHTY alone and shall be exercised by the determined representatives of HIM to govern the state.

b. Sovereign Independent State

Pakistan shall be a sovereign and independent state.

c. Democracy

Another salient feature of Objective Resolution 1949 was democracy in the country which was really appreciated by the minorities. Democracy is a rule of majority, it is a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them.

d. Freedom

Pakistan shall be such a country in which every kind of freedom such as freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of business or trade, freedom of assembly, freedom of association etc shall be guaranteed for all the citizens.

e. Equality

Unlike before the partition era, there shall be equal rights for all citizens of Pakistan. No one shall be discriminated against on the basis of their gender, caste, or creed.

f. Social Justice

There shall be social justice ensured in the society. Everyone including the rich and the poor shall be equal before the law and no one shall treated differently.

g. Freedom of Religion

There shall be freedom of religion, Muslims were enabled to live their lives according to the Quran and Sunnah and the minorities have a right to profess and practice their religion and also preach their religion freely under the premises of Pakistan.

h. Fundamental Rights

Fundamental rights refer to basic facts or principles for sustaining life, these rights were also ensured for the citizens of Pakistan. These are also the part of 1973 constitution of Pakistan which currently governs the state.

i. Interests of Minorities

It also protected the interests of minorities. It was declared that politics and religion shall not be mixed and the people of other religions than Islam (minorities) shall not be discriminated against.

j. Foreign Policy

Pakistan shall have its own independent foreign policy and shall make friendly relations with other Muslim countries.

k. Independence of Judiciary

Independence of the judiciary was one of the salient features. The judiciary shall be free and perform its duties without any influence or pressure.

l. Defence of Sea, Land, Air

Defence of Pakistan’s territorial jurisdiction including sea, land and air shall be assured.


Objective Resolution 1949 consists of guiding principles which led Pakistan to constitute its first constitution and it was added in the preamble of the 1956 constitution of Pakistan, the very first constitution.


What is meant by Objective Resolution?

It refers to the aims and objectives for constituting the first constitution of Pakistan.

What is the objective resolution of Pakistan?

Guided principles which led Pakistan to constitute its first constitution.

When did the constituent assembly pass the objective resolution?

12th of March 1949.

Who presented an objective resolution?

Liaquat Ali Khan was the first prime minister of Pakistan.